5 Tips to Know Before Exploring Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Travel Tips

Have you ever exploring Nusa Penida?

Nusa Penida is the largest island of Nusa islands. In there, you can explore many destinations such as beach, hill, a holy temple, and more beautiful places. You will have an unforgettable experience if you visit Nusa Penida!

Before you go to Nusa Penida, you must prepare some things that you need to bring. Here 5 tips to know before exploring Nusa Penida from Penidago!

Start from Sanur Harbor

I choose Sanur Harbor because the access is easier than another harbor. So, in Sanur Harbor, you should buy a ticket for a fast boat. There are 10 fast boats to pick you from Sanur Harbor. The 10 fast boats have different routes to get to 3 harbors of Nusa Penida. You must match the routes based on your destination in Nusa Penida. You haven’t to queue up because You already booked the fast boat ticket from penidago.com. Better if you booked the first schedule in the morning to have satisfaction in exploring.    

Use Waterproof Backpack, Short Pants, Bring Swimsuit, and Slipper


Photo by: @shakumom

At Sanur Harbor, all the fast boats don’t dock in a pier. So, you should walk to the shoreline. That’s why you should put your belongings in the safest place, especially to electronic devices. Sea waves are quite big and sometimes hit you and make you wet. Better if you use short pants to anticipate your clothes for getting wet. If you don’t have a waterproof backpack, you can use big plastic bags for covering your bag. Don’t forget to use a slipper at Sanur Harbor and you can change with shoes if you arrived in Nusa Penida for a more comfortable walk.

Select the Best Destination in Nusa Penida

Photo by: Saltinourhair

Nusa Penida has three different areas with their respective natural beauties. They are in the west, east, and south. Make sure you choose the best destination for yourself. Don’t forget to prepare some money for the entrance ticket destination.

Rent a Motor Bike for Efficient Trip

Photo by: @janes_wonderworld

Especially for everyone who has a riding license, you can rent a motorbike to explore Nusa Penida because some parts of this island has the worst infrastructure. So, please driving carefully.

Prepare your Energy and Use Sunblock

Photo by: penidago

Exploring Nusa Penida literally drains your energy. Don’t forget to bring your ultimate travel gear like a hat, jacket, some pairs of clothes. Please use sunblock because Nusa Penida is so hot and your skin will be burn.   

Photo by: Penidago

So, that’s all 5 tips to know before exploring Nusa Penida! I hope you’ll have a nice trip there and don’t forget to book your fast boat ticket at penidago.com for simplifying your trip!

Prams | 01 November 2019

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