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Want to visit a holy temple in Nusa Penida?

Bali as a thousand island temples has many temples in each area of Bali. You can easily find holy temples if you exploring Bali.

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In Nusa Penida, it also has many holy temples. The popular temple is Dalem Ped Temple. It’s located at Ped Village, Sampalan, Nusa Penida. There are things to consider about Dalem Ped Temple before you go there. Here 5 things to know about Dalem Ped Temple for your information! 

History of Dalem Ped Temple

Hindu people from around Bali at Dalem Ped Temple

Initially, the name Pura Dalem Ped was debated by important figures in Klungkung (They are Puri Klungkung Group, Puri Gelgel, and Mangku Rumodja–an old saint). Previously this temple was named “Pura Penataran Ped”. On the other hand, the Balian (local physician) called this temple as Pura Dalem Ped. The meaning of Pura Dalem Penataran Ped is the "upgrading" and "palace". Besides of that, this temple also named as Pura Dalem Nusa. The doubling of the name was done by the figure of Puri Klungkung in the time of I Dewa Agung. The name change was made after Ida Pedanda Abiansemal along with the coach and his followers (mapeed) came to Nusa to see firsthand the truth about the existence of three magical tapel (magical Balinese mask) in Dalem Ped Temple.

However, these three tapel have a miracle tendency that can cure diseases suffered by humans and plants. Previously, Ida Pedanda Abiansemal also lost three tapels. He immediately realized, upon seeing these three tapels in Pura Dalem Nusa, it turned out that the tapel was his lost property. But, Ida Pedanda did not take back the faucet with the condition that the people of Nusa had to take good care of him and also continue to carry out the ceremony. Finally, the third miracle of Tapel was heard throughout Bali. Because of these magical tapel, in Nusa Penida was held a holy ceremony called mapeed to avoid various diseases that attacked the plants. From this holy ceremony (mapeed), the named of Pura Dalam Nusa changed into Pura Dalem Peed (Ped).  

Wear Balinese Traditional Dress

The rule before entering Dalem Ped Temple

Before entering every holy temple in Bali, you must wear Balinese Traditional Dress such as kamen (sarong) and shawl for tourists. But the Balinese people usually use kebaya for the clothes. You have to follow this rule to keep purifying this temple and respect the local cultures.

Keep a Positive Mind and not Allowed for Women in menstrual

One of tourist at Dalem Ped Temple (@yerangesther)

The other thing to know before entering Dalem Ped Temple is keeping a positive mind. You are not allowed to do bad things and speak rudely. You have to respect every holy temple in Bali. Especially for women, it’s not allowed to enter the temple if in menstrual periods. Please keep this temple clean inside and outside yourself.

What can be found in Dalem Ped Temple

Praying in holy ceremony of Dalem Ped Temple

Dalem Ped Temple is quite huge with authentic Balinese designed. There are 5 temples inside this temple. The first one is Pura Segara, the place believed to be the palace of Batara Baruna (The God of the ocean), is located in the north, close to the coast of the Nusa Strait Sea. Sea waves are heard from this temple. To the south, there is Pura Taman a temple garden with a pond lined with lotus plants surrounding the pelinggih inside, this temple is a temple for purgatory. The main temple is in the western part, namely Penataran Ratu Gede Mecaling as the main temple which is a symbol of Nusa`s magical power. To the east is `Pelebaan Ratu Mas`. The last one is Bale Agung. You can find Balinese people is praying there every time. But not recommended to visit if they held holy ceremonies because it might be crowded.

So, that’s all the information about things to know before entering Dalem Ped Temple. I hope you always respect the local cultures if you visit all the holy temples in Bali!

Prams | 26 November 2019

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