Marks the End of Galungan Ceremony on Kuningan Day

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Have you heard about Kuningan Day in Bali?

The Balinese believe that Kuningan day is the day when their ancestors return to heaven after visiting the earth during Galungan ceremony. They make offerings to be given to the ancestors on their farewell day. The offerings include yellowed rice (Kuningan is derived from the word kuning which means yellow) which is placed in a small “bowl” made of coconut leaves. Other common offerings seeds, fish and fruit like papaya and cucumber. The yellow rice is the symbol of human’s gratitude towards God for all the life, joy, wealth, health and prosperity given.

The offerings with yellowed rice on Kuningan Day (c)

Kuningan Day will happen in the next 10 days after Galungan Day. If Galungan always held on Wednesday, so Kuningan is also held on Saturday. This might be a special day because this is the end of Galungan ceremony. On Kuningan day you can see tamiang and endongan decorations hanging outside homes and temples.


Tamiang means –and is formed as a round – shield and represents protection, defense, and the cycle of the globe. It functions as a reminder to humans of karma and that they should protect themselves from bad behavior.


Endongan means bag of provisions. It is made of coconut leaves and shaped like a bag or a pocket. The Balinese put different things like seeds, fruits, tubers inside the endongan. Some people see it is a symbol of food supply for the journey of the ancestors from earth to heaven. From a spiritual view, endongan represents the essential provisions that every human should carry-knowledge and homage.

 The yellowed rice to eat (c)

On this Kuningan Day, Hindu People in Bali will go to many temples for praying and they also eat nasi kuning (yellowed rice) after offered. This is the end of Galungan ceremony and they’ve been busy for the preparation.


So, that’s all about Kuningan Day. If you are visiting Bali during this incredible time (February, 29th 2020), you will be able to see a lot of beautiful ceremonies and feel the spirit of the holiday. Be sure to ask your Balinese friends about how you might be able to join in the public temples and be a part of the celebration. 



Prams | 26 February 2020

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