5 Facts about Nyepi: The Day of Silence in Bali

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Have you ever heard about The Day of Silence in Bali?

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As known as Nyepi, this tradition always happens once a year. This is a unique tradition and only happen in Bali. Here 5 facts about Nyepi, The Day of Silence in Bali!


1. It is performed to celebrate the Saka New Year

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If we usually celebrate New Year on first January, Balinese always celebrate Saka New Year. They have own calculations in the Balinese calendar and called as Nyepi. This year, Nyepi will be held on March 25th. This is the day of silence, fasting, and meditation for the Balinese. That’s why Nyepi is also known as The Silence Day and you can find only in Bali.


2. There will be Ogoh-Ogoh Parade One Day before Nyepi

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One day before Nyepi, there will be ogoh-ogoh parade. They already prepare to make ogoh-ogoh well in advance of the parade. You can find this parade almost in every part of main road (Desa Adat) in Bali. They believed, that ogoh-ogoh, with the conflagration, any evil spirits that have brought disease and misery to the island during the past year will have also been banished. 


3. The Airport will be closed for 24 hours

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All mobility will be stopped one day, including the airport. You might never find anywhere else that can close the airport in a day because of ancestral traditions. So, if you want to visit Bali, better you arrive two days before Nyepi and check-in your hotel one day before to avoid closure of road access.

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4. No one except the Pecalang (local watchmen) are allowed out on the streets

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Everyone in Bali is definitely prohibited from leaving the house. Except Pecalang (local watchman) are allowed out on the street. They will watch over people who might be disturbing the calm of Nyepi. But you can still leave the house if there is an emergency such as feeling sick and having to go to the hospital.


5. Balinese are immersed in Catur Brata Penyepian

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In Nyepi, that is reserved for meditation and self-reflection, anything that may interfere with that specific purpose is, therefore, strictly prohibited. For Nyepi mandates a day of absolute quiet, based on the four precepts of Catur Brata, namely:

Amati Geni: Prohibiting the lighting of fires, the use of lighting or satisfying pleasurable human appetites.

Amati Karya: Prohibiting all forms of physical work other than those dedicated to spiritual cleansing and renewal.

Amati Lelungan: Prohibiting movement or travel; requiring people to stay within their homes.

Amati Lelangunan: Prohibiting all forms of entertainment, recreations or general merrymaking.

So, that’s all 5 facts about Nyepi. I hope you enjoy the day of silence in Bali!


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Prams | 20 March 2020

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