5 Things to Do During Nyepi Day in Bali

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Have you ever felt Nyepi ambiance in Bali?

Nyepi or the Day of Silence in Bali will be held on 25th March 2020. Local People usually do Catur Brata Penyepian on this day. If you are a tourist and this is the first time you feel the ambiance of Nyepi, this is 5 things to do during Nyepi day in Bali for your recommendation!

1. Choose where to have Staycation

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All mobility will be stopped one day, including the airport. Everyone is not allowed to leave the house and do any sort of activities during Nyepi, some Bali visitors and residents choose to stay in hotels or villas with family or a bunch of friends with the Nyepi Packages. So, if you want to visit Bali, better you arrive two days before Nyepi and check-in your hotel one day before to avoid closure of road access. Some hotels might have Nyepi Package to simplify your staycation.

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2. Prepare Food Supplies and Entertainment

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Preparing some entertainment during your stay at the hotel is as wise and important as preparing food supply at home. You should consider the time of food shopping before Nyepi, better you do this in the afternoon because most supermarkets will be packed closer to Nyepi. Television and internet channels are usually disconnected, but you are still allowed to use the electricity inside your room at the hotel, watching movies or playing video games as long as you keep it down a little.


3. Reading Books

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Reading books to spend your time during the day is a good way to enjoy Nyepi day. There will be no bother and you will be free from the noisy atmosphere of ordinary days. Collect a variety of books that have not been read. Nyepi Day is the best time to spend your delayed reading.


4. Do Meditation

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Balinese people are advised to do fasting and meditation during Nyepi. You are also can-do meditation too. With meditation, you can calm your mind from the burden that you get during ordinary days. Nyepi can also be a day of self-reflection to be better.


5. Enjoy the Fresh Air and Sky Full of Stars

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There’re no vehicles during Nyepi and definitely no pollution! You can enjoy the fresh air and see the brighter sky. The clearer sky at night offers the best moment to explore the sky and the constellations with the naked eyes. You have to see the sky full of stars on this Nyepi day!


So, that’s all about 5 things to do during Nyepi day in Bali. I hope you’ll enjoy the silent day only happens in Bali!


Prams | 22 March 2020

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