5 Things to do at Home During Self-quarantine

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How to be productive when you just can only stay at home?

During this COVID-19 pandemic, do self-quarantine is the best choice to decrease the spread of the virus. Even though we don`t know for sure when this pandemic will end and we can`t do too much activity at home, this might make us quite bored. Besides you have to work from home, here 5 things to do during self-quarantine!


1. Clean up your House

Maybe in your hectic days, you don’t have enough time to clean up your house. So, this is the best time to do clean or you can also decorate your house. With a clean environment, you will be more comfortable staying at home.


2. Cook the Viral Menu

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You might already hear about “dalgona coffee”, “milk pie”, or another viral menu for home cooking. You can do this activity to spend your boring day. You will not feel waiting time because cooking will spend time. You can also enjoy your cooking and share it with family members at home.


3. Read Books or Watch Films

You might also don’t have time to read books or watching films in daily life. So, this is the best time to spend your time to continue your reading and watch movies you’ve been missed.


4. Sun-bathing, Work Out and do Meditation

During this pandemic, sunbathing is recommended for maintaining immunity. To get Vitamin D, the best time to do sun-bathing is around 10 am. Don’t forget to use sunscreen before doing sun-bathing. After that, you can do work out to relax your muscles and do meditation to make you stay fit.


5. Making Crafts with Gardening

The last activity to do during self-quarantine is making crafts with gardening. You can order some plants and arrange them in the pot. These plants can help you to put some fresh things for your home decoration or add to the collection in your garden.


So, that`s all 5 things to do at home during self-quarantine. I hope you enjoy your activity and hope this condition will get better soon!

Prams | 09 April 2020

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