10 Places to Enjoy Sunset in Bali

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Where to find beautiful sunset spots in Bali?

If you visit Bali, you shouldn’t miss the sunset time. Here the recommendation sunset spots from south to the east of Bali for you!

1. Uluwatu Temple

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Uluwatu temple is one of the most sacred places in Bali and therefore a great opportunity to explore the unique Balinese culture and religion. But it’s also one of the best sunset spots in Bali. Enjoy an amazing view from above the cliff! You can watch the famous Kecak Dance performance during sunset at 6:00 PM.

2. Jimbaran Seafood Restaurant

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Enjoy the dinner with fresh seafood while watching the sunset nearby the beach. You can choose one of many Seafood Restaurants in Jimbaran. Enjoy delicious fish culinary and a nice drink while watching the sunset and the beautiful sky. Simply relax your soul, listen to the sound of waves and enjoy your food.

3. Tegal Wangi Beach

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This is one of the best sunset spots in Bali, especially for couples. Grab your partner and enjoy this romantic atmosphere and the colorful sunset at Pantai Tegal Wangi. To reach the beach you have to climb down the cliff, but it is still an easy hike.

4. Echo Beach

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Although Canggu’s beaches are not made from dreams, it got just the right vibe to relax and hang out at the beach. The sand is black and sunbeds, umbrellas, and ice-cold beer are available on sight. Or simply relax at La Brisa, a Beach Club located directly at Echo Beach with good music and an amazing atmosphere. Watch the surfer taking off and doing nose rides on their single fin surfboards and enjoy fantastic sunsets.

5. Finns Beach Club in Berawa, Canggu

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Enjoy a nice ocean view with good music and simply relax your soul. You can refresh yourself with a cold coconut or jump in the amazing pool and get ready for the sunset. There is free entry after 6:00 PM.

6. La Plancha, Seminyak

La Plancha is a colorful beach bar with bean bags, delicious food & music located at Seminyak beach. Find yourself a cozy spot in of the bean bags, grab a Bintang, lean back and let a magical sunset enchant you.

7. Kuta Beach

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Despite the crowd, you can easily find a good spot on the beach in time for sunset. It’s a special atmosphere with a mixed audience of locals, surfer, and tourists all around the beach. You can experience little fireworks, listen to locals playing the guitar and watch children playing at the beach. Or simply flee the crowd and take a seat in one of the rooftop bars at the beach.

8. Kelingking Beach

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Kelingking Beach is one of the popular destinations in Nusa Penida. There are 5 facts about Kelingking Beach. You can enjoy the sunset from above the cliff to see the view of the golden ocean with cliffs that resemble the shape of the little finger. You also can go downstairs to the beach, but please be careful because of the quite hard track and high wave.

9. Blue Lagoon Nusa Ceningan

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You don’t need extra energy to reach Blue Lagoon. The entrance and parking fee are free! You have to go through footpaths and aisles of bushes to reach the blue lagoon. The cliff edges and rock formations make for an awesome setting to sit and watch the waves crash. If you’re feeling super brave, you can head over the other side for a spot of cliff jumping!

10. Devil’s Tears

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This place is actually a black coral cliff that directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. Devil’s Tears providing natural views of the sea and the charm of the waves breaking the reef looks unique and interesting, a different treat and worth a visit. This place is good for the sunset. As for what must be considered when visiting this place is you must be careful because the waves are quite dangerous.

So, that’s all about sunset spot in Bali. I hope you’ll enjoy your vacation!

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Prams | 21 April 2020

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