The History of Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan Islands

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Have you ever visited Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan? These two islands are so closed and you just need to cross the Yellow Bridge to reach each other. For your intermezzo, here the history of Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan Islands!

Once upon a time, Nusa Penida was led by someone named of Dukuh Jumpungan. He is very expert in the fields of architecture, marine, and is known to be very powerful. He had a son named of Aji Dalem Sawang who will later become his successor. Aji Dalem Sawang also had sons named I Renggan and I Renggin. Both of them had a maritime power inherited from his grandfather. I Renggan can make a boat that can make the land in its path into the ocean.

I Renggan has aspirations to conquer Bali Island with his boat so that Bali becomes the ocean. He also prepares his magical boat. His desire was later known by Bhatara Toh Langkir (One of the manifestations of gods). Bhatara Toh Langkir then used his power called "aji sirep" which made I Renggan fell asleep while driving the boat. This made I Renggan’s boat stranded and crashed into the mainland around Padang Bay. This caused the formation of small islands such as Batu Biye, which we can still see today.

After failing the mission of conquering Bali, I Renggan returned to Nusa Penida. Because he was still sleepy, he was stranded on the Suana peninsula. The boat then crashed into a rock and formed a temple called Batu Mendahu Temple". I Renggan was not discouraged, he also prepared a more powerful boat with more troops to conquer Bali. Again, the intention of I Renggan was known to Bhatara Toh Langkir. Bhatara Toh Langkir made a big wave with fleas that obstructed the eyes of I Renggan and his army.

Finally, I Renggan`s boat`s forces sank to the west of Nusa Penida. The boat is petrified into Ceningan island, while the sailboat (pawns) of I Renggan is petrified into Lembongan and Jungut Batu islands. Dalem Sawang was sad and angry over the sinking of his son and the Nusa army. With his magic, Dalem Sawang was changing I Renggan and his army into “Wong Samar” (invisible beings) who wanted to prey on mainland Balinese society.

So, that’s all about Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan History. I hope you enjoy to know this history because Bali has so many attractive folklores to know!


Prams | 27 April 2020

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