10 Places to Enjoy Sunrise in Bali

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If you travel to Bali, you need to visit places to watch the sunrise. The sunrise time will start around 6 AM. Here 10 places to enjoy the sunrise for your recommendation!

1. Sanur Beach

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If you stay at Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, Sanur Beach is the best option to watch the sunrise. This place has beautiful scenery and a warm tone of sunrise. You usually can have breakfast time around this beach, especially if you want to try the local food there.

2. Lovina Beach

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This beach is located in the North of Bali. It’s better if you have a staycation there because you’ll take the time to reach this place. If you are lucky, you can see the jumping dolphin on this beach.

3. Lake Beratan

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Located in Tabanan Regency, Lake Beratan is listed as one of the best destinations to see the sunrise thanks to the presence of the Hindu water temple Pura Ulun Danu. Standing on the edge of the lake, it offers amazing views that cannot be missed.

4. Campuhan Hill

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Located in Ubud, this is the hill with a jogging track. You usually can rent a bike to enjoy the sunrise time.

5. Lake Tamblingan

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With the view Tamblingan temples and located on the shores of a magical lake, the best way to appreciate the view is to paddle around the lake to watch the sun shining through the towering monuments.

6. Mount Batur

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If you want to have a challenging adventure, maybe you can have a mount hiking. Mount Batur is the best place to watch dreamy sunrise from the top of the cloud.

7. Pinggan Hill

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If you don’t want to hike, but you still need a mountain view, Pinggan is the best place. From this hill, you can enjoy the sunrise with the three views of the mountain in Bali, such as Mount Agung, Batur, and Abang.

8. Diamond Beach

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If you stay at Nusa Penida Island, you need to visit the east side of this island. One of the spots is Diamond Beach.  It’s called Diamond Beach because of the karst stones look like a diamond.

9. Atuh Beach

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Atuh Beach is one of the popular destinations in Nusa Penida. This spot offers the natural charm of the sea, white sand, and hill cliffs that fortify this area. There’s also an interesting treat while still on the cliff, and more spectacular when the sunrise in this spot.

10. Teletubbies Hill

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This named Teletubies Hill is from the iconic cartoon character during the early 2000 "Teletubbies" which took place in the green hilly area as home to 4 colorful dreamy creatures. In this place, you will find a green landscape that will catapult your mind. It is highly recommended to visit this place in the morning to watch the sunrise. Great spots for photos are easy to find anywhere with a beautiful green hill background. 

So, that’s all about the sunrise spots in Bali. I hope you’ll enjoy your vacation!

Prams | 16 May 2020

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