How to be Productive during Work from Home

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How’s your quarantine day?

It’s might be 3 months people around the world just stay at home during this COVID-19 outbreak. Most of them also work from home and feel bored. Here 5 tips on how to be productive during work from home for your recommendation!


1. Make a Comfortable Workplace

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The atmosphere of working in an office is definitely different from working at home. So, you should try to make the atmosphere of the room in your house as comfortable as possible for work. You can decorate your room with green plants or your favorite things to make it look fresher.


2. Discipline with yourself

Even though you are at home, you must still apply self-discipline. You have to set how many hours to work, rest, and do other activities.


3. Dress up neatly

Bathing and dressing neatly can add to your mood for the spirit of working at home. In addition, it also shows a good attitude when your company must conduct a conference call at any time.


4. Set your Dietary Habit

You might eat all foods during this quarantine or always snacking to less your stress from working at home. Actually, you need to set the dietary habit to make you more productive and stay healthy.


5. Do Stretching Frequently

Maybe you will stay seated and not move your body when working at home. Therefore, you need to stretch frequently.

So, that’s all about 5 tips how to be productive during work from home. I hope this pandemic will get better soon and all the activities will back to normal again!

Prams | 19 May 2020

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