Bali as The Top Popular Destinations in Asia 2020

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Tripadvisor, the world`s largest travel platform announced the winners of the 2020 Travelers` Choice® Awards for Destinations. The annual destination awards include two new categories. First, Trending recognizes destinations that saw the biggest increase in positive reviews, booking interest and searches over the last year. Second, Emerging, looking ahead to what`s next — the destinations still ahead of the curve that travelers are already saving to their Trips on Tripadvisor, a great indicator of up and coming hotspots.

Bali has been recognized as the most popular destination (4th in the world), followed by Phuket (2), Goa (3), Bangkok (4), and Hanoi (5) Here are the top 25 rankings;

In the review on TripAdvisor, Bali is likened to a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise that feels like a fantasy. "Tourists can sunbathe on the fine white sand, or dive along coral ridges or the colorful wrecks of WWII warships.

In addition, Ubud is also described as the perfect place to see cultural dance performances, take batik or silver training, or refresh the mind and body through yoga classes. Bali`s popularity does not only resonate in Asia. Tripadvisor previously also placed Bali in the ranks of world popular tourist destinations along with London (England), Paris (France), and Crete (Greece).

Entering the new normal era, it is hoped that Bali tourism can rise again. In the first stage, Bali tourism is opened to local tourists starting July 9, 2020. Then, domestic tourists can enter Bali starting on July 31, 2020. Finally, foreign tourists can travel back to Bali in September 2020.


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Prams | 11 August 2020

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