How Indonesia Celebrating 75th Independence Day

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Indonesia will celebrate its 75th Independence Day on Monday, August 17, 2020. You’ll see the national colors red and white splashed across the country. A year ago, you might find lots of flag-waving, parades, and family gatherings in each region. But now, because of the new normal situation, the way to celebrate independence is changing.

Here how Indonesia celebrating the Independence Day

1. Participate in Flag hoisting ceremony at home

If you are expecting that the flag hoisting ceremony at the State Palace will again be televised this year, so we can participate virtually. The government is already encouraging people to stop their activities for a moment, stand firm in service, follow the echo of Indonesia Raya during the ceremony.

2. Give Back to the community

There are many simple ways to show pride in Indonesia, from joining a rubbish collection campaign to buying local products or even donning a traditional batik patterned shirt. While such activities are popular during Independence Day, however, they would be best to practice for the whole year. Want a bigger outreach? Pick a humanitarian cause you can support especially during this global pandemic. Here is the list of charity and donation programs to fight Covid-19 in Indonesia.

3. Discover Indonesia`s history

Watching historical films is one of the ways to get to know our history better. This month of August, historical films often make a comeback during Independence Day as a way of revving up national pride and patriotism. Soekarno, Kartini, or Laskar Pelangi can be a good option. They’re also a good way to brush up the country’s history. An older movie worth dusting off is “Tjoet Nja’ Dhien” about an Indonesian heroine from Aceh. Another simple thing? Do a sing-along of traditional or national songs with your children, or do a trivia of anything related to Indonesia.


4. Taste Authentic Local Foods

Every Independence Day, Indonesia’s finest culinary establishments usually go all out. We say this is the best time for you to try different kinds of Indonesian food, in the best possible atmosphere. Here the recommendation of Balinese local foods and local foods in Nusa Penida.


5. Make Family Gatherings at Home

If you miss Indonesia’s Independence Day vibes, like balap karung, lomba makan kerupuk, and panjat pinang, you can do it at home. Since it is not possible to hold competitions and parades in public, you can do it with your family at home. Prepare the necessary items and also prepare prizes for the winners. Your family, especially the children, will definitely feel happy.

So, that’s all about how Indonesia celebrating Independence Day. Hope you all still stay safe wherever you are.

Prams | 16 August 2020

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