3 Considerations Plan for Welcoming International Tourists in Bali

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The Government of Bali plans to welcome international tourists on September 11, 2020. However, this still needs to be reviewed based on several considerations.

So, what are the considerations for Bali to accept international tourists?

1. Central Government Decision

If previously the governor of Bali was ready to open tourism to international tourists on September 11, 2020, then currently the plan depends on the central government. This is due to the revision or revocation of Menkumham Regulation (Permenkumham) Number 11 of 2020 concerning the Temporary Prohibition of Foreigners Entering the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia. The central policy will determine and consider whether Bali is suitable to be opened to international tourists or not.

2. Other Country Restriction Policies

Meanwhile, other considerations that will be examined are which countries have or will open state borders. If other countries still do not allow their citizens to travel, then policies in Bali will also be in vain. There will also be no flights. This is a central policy consideration. The main requirement for foreign tourists traveling to Bali is to come from a country that is completely safe from Covid-19.

3. Handling Covid-19 in Bali

The handling of Covid-19 (in Bali) can be said in terms of a low percentage of deaths compared to WHO standards, while the cure rate is high. These considerations are important in restoring the Bali tourism industry. This is because the economy and public health need attention.

The reopening of tourism for international tourists will also be carried out selectively. If there are countries that are included in the green zone regarding the handling of Covid-19, the citizens of these countries will be recommended to visit Bali. The considerations are that Bali is ready to receive tourists, but Bali`s readiness must be linear with central policies. One of the decisions on whether Bali will accept foreign tourists in September is in the hands of Bali Governor Wayan Koster.

If in 2019, the number of international tourists was 6,275,210, in 2020 it has decreased. This year, the number of international tourists in Bali is 1,050,092. It is hoped that soon there will be good policies to revive Bali tourism in the midst of this pandemic.

Prams | 23 August 2020

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