5 Differences between Tourist and Traveler

Nusa Penida Travel Tips

Are you a tourist or traveler?


Tourist: Use a comfortable path so that the trip is more relaxed and there are no challenges.


Traveler: Choose a challenging path so that along the way you will go through many exciting challenges.



Tourist: More selfies to take pictures with their self.

Traveler: Shoot more of the surrounding scenery.



Tourist: Hunt for country souvenirs or tourist attractions as much as possible.

Traveler: Learn the local culture and wisdom of the local community.



Tourist: Looking for hotels as comfortable as possible in order to rest.

Traveler: Has a variety of hotel alternatives, especially cheaper ones, so they can save the budget.



Tourist: More visits to famous tourist attractions in a country.

Traveler: They mostly visit simple but meaningful places such as traditional markets.

Prams | 29 October 2020

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