5 Hidden Paradise in Bali

Nusa Penida Travel Tips

Who can’t miss Bali for bucket list vacation?

Here 5 hidden paradise you must visit when travel to Bali!

1. Green Bowl Beach

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This beach is called the Green Bowl because when the beach water recedes, the coral overgrown with green moss will form like a bowl. Especially when viewed from a cliff, the view of the beach resembles a green bowl. It located is in the village of Ungasan and its existence is still hidden or not as well-known as other white sand beaches in Bali. This beach is still empty of visitors because it is located far from the center of the crowd and you have to pass 300-400 steps.

2. Nyang-Nyang Beach

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Nyang Nyang Beach is very close to Uluwatu Bali Temple. Nyang Nyang Beach is behind a hill has clean white sand and the slope of the beach is very gentle and wide. It takes extra effort and fit stamina to get to the shoreline. To go down the cliff there are 500 steps but the slope of the steps is quite extreme and you have to be extra careful when you go down this ladder. This beach is also suitable for surfing.

3. Suluban Beach

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Suluban Beach in Uluwatu Bali is one of the unique beaches in Bali. The uniqueness of this beach is covered with high coral cliffs. Every visitor who wants to set foot on Suluban beach Uluwatu has to go down the stairs. In addition to passing stairs, visitors also pass-through natural rock gates that are towering and look like Goa. It is a beach with steep cliffs and big waves. So this beach is more suitable for tourists who like to hang out on the beach or like surfing.

4. Tembeling Beach & Forest

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Tembeling Beach and Forest is one of the hidden gems in South Nusa Penida. This place offers you complete experiences from beach, forest, and also a natural pool. The forest is actually a Rain Forest and you can find it along the road. After you arrived, you have to go downstairs. Many stairs, but safe to pass. The first spot you’ll find is natural water pool and water spring. Even though the place is hidden, it doesn`t discourage people from visiting this place. Most who visit this place are locals and sometimes foreigners are curious about the Tembeling Beach and Forest sightings.

5. Blue Lagoon Nusa Ceningan

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One of the famous attractions in Nusa Ceningan is Blue Lagoon. Even it’s a famous place, to find Blue Lagoon Nusa Ceningan is quite hard. You have to go through footpaths and aisles of bushes to reach the blue lagoon. The cliff edges and rock formations make for an awesome setting to sit and watch the waves crash. If you’re feeling super brave, you can head over the other side for a spot of cliff jumping! Please be sure to check for high tide though and know your limits.

So, that’s all about hidden paradise in Bali. Have a great holiday!

Prams | 10 December 2020

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