5 Facts about Tembeling Beach and Forest

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Have you ever taken an adventure to Nusa Penida?

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Here 5 facts about Tembeling Beach & Forest for your info!

1. Derived from the word "beling"

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That said, it was named Tembeling because the one who found the spring that came out of the cliff wall to form a pool was a woman "shard" (in Balinese it means pregnant woman).


2. The Everlasting Tropical Rain Forest

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The tropical rainforest that is here is said to be never dry and always humid. The weather always feels humid and cool even if it near the beach.


3. There are a Natural Pool and Artificial Pool

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There are two pools here. First, a tosca colored pool with a cliff on it. This pool is a natural spring and very deep. The second pool is an artificial pond. The color is clear blue and is used as a place to soak.


4. There are Stone Towers on the Beach

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This beach in Tembeling is a unique beach because you can find stones arranged like a tower. The number of stone towers adds to the artistic impression of this beach.


5. Challenging Road Access

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Unlike road access in other Nusa Penida destinations that are already good, getting to Tembeling has to go through a very challenging path. For beginner tourists, it is not recommended to ride a motorbike on your own. You can rent an ojek for IDR 50,000.

Click here for travel guide to Tembeling Beach & Forest.


How to Get Tembeling Beach and Forest


This place is located at Batumandeg Village and it’s easy to find by google maps. I departed from Sanur Harbor to Banjar Nyuh Harbor by fast boat. For simplifying your trip, you can book a fast boat ticket at penidago.com. The estimation by riding a scooter from the Banjar Nyuh Harbor to Tembeling Beach and Forest is about 43 minutes.


So, that`s all about Tembeling Beach & Forest. I hope you enjoy the trip!

Prams | 15 December 2020

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